ent. 1

»a sort of knight from the future w/ lizard features LK in forest, it's looking around
›perhaps not a lizard, but a humanoid in lizard-shaped armor

»a seized animal bumping up and down onto a log as if frozen but moving its whole body together

»A black pole or lamp sticking out of foliage/forest
›(partly the same scene as above)
›it moves up the hill as some sort of invisible force grabs after it
›(its limbs refracting light as it moves)

»a small alien tank ship glides through nature, now in space, wings pointed forward
›now has four tips and floating
›is changing into nebulous matter, now some sort of nebula ship, many points, dips, and vague columns
›a bird type ship now, perhaps the sky, the sky aflame with this bird ship
›the bird ship is the sky
›vague shapes...

»an ocean? a transparent face appears over the beach, while a dinosaur walks around it
›the face is fat old and round, stoic
›a wave shaped sled, a sine wave sculpture appears there on the beach

»now two objects are interacting with each other, shaped like school supplies, they're rubbing up
›against each other, paper stack and box of something in a dark dusty room

»a forest of cones and shapes, very smooth, a group of little shape-gnomes frolicking about, now riding a tiny shape-horse, all piled on the shape-horse.
›in the background in the dark something sinister looms
›a black monster with finger and facial tips having green highlights.

»a weird shaped rock object floats around, hesitant
›the rock now static and larger
›the rock now shaped like a fat tiki idol, blurry though
›the rock becomes geometricized, pointy ends and colliding planes
›a small circular creature at its foot, with a light in the middle of its belly,
›body divided into two halves of color, two arms on each end, left and right.

»traveling now through the forest (maybe again?), trees look unnaturally groomed, copy and pasted
›something plows into the ground and takes all the trees with it, a giant dozer, an evil vacuum

»a giant statue is now shown, onlookers below.
›it is rolled out onto and past a bridge
›a mechanical golden-armored animal follows behind, chopping in front of itself

»a tightly armored knight again maybe, in darkness
›the head is now a hand with flames for eyes, fingers for the mouth, with a hat

»inside a cave of sorts, a disgusting looking blob picks something up with a large arm it grew
›an ostrich type bird nestles itself from afar, watching the blob.
›it focuses now on the bird camel thing (ostrich), fuzzy with hair feathers
›small slivers of light show through cracks
›a rock crocodile or snake opens it huge mouth in the water
›it changes into a smaller one, mouth still open
›now a turtle, a baby one, innocent, cute

»a fat black and blurry figure, cartoonish, wades in shallow water, a pair of cherries enter, floating from the light in a split in the rocks, other go up to the cherries but they, the cherries, exit back into the light
›they look out into the light waiting