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Holy Songs Of The BBS Transmitted To An Unconscious Electric Bam (AKA Me, Yours Truly, or "EB")
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> She's Feeling Kind Of Right Yes, Ah-Ah-Ah Tonight(??)
> Cameras & Hannahs
> I Can Be The One
> You Can Feel It In Moans

BBS Friend(s) With Electronic Presence
> Now BBS Old Pop

Old Steak

speaks of putting out an e-letter. I am eager.

Old Steak

's words of course are the Truth.
> I am attempting to gather and ‘translate’ some of the writings of the Late Great


. Will update once I have something to post. It’s really confusing!
EDIT: Okay, listings for the writings will appear below, numerically, as I translate them and in no particular order.



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To Do List Memo: Note
> List of BBS’s (aka Beautiful Benevolent Spirits)
> The Next Lesson in the series (#3?)
> Roomie List Stupidly realized this is really the same thing as item one mostly


’s writings translations!
Home Page
In Proclamation Of Oneiric Songs
From the other-side, quiet visions surface to the resigned eyes… I tell You, you wouldn't believe it. At first I couldn't believe it. I couldn't even handle it. I still can't really handle it. The Songs were much much much too much. So many lost ones. Tragic. Like moving symphonies ebbing from an adjacent room, or clever folk pluckings. Either I didn't understand their power, or like I said I wasn't ready yet. It wasn't far long ago I was Just Like You!

Ha ha yeah! The secret was revealed. I am the dream-song master now and No One, not a single pee(p)r understands this rage of power! I could fill entire Bit-Drives with my mastery… that is if I had mastered it earlier. Before I thought myself otherwise an unremarkable ghost, an albino. No, but on the cusp of my middling a palingenesis! My ground in the realm of the mind's eye, those finicky little visions Brought To Me By The BBS met at every slight turn of the Sôl.

I "Proclaim The Word" now and if you will (and I hope you will). I don't pretend to always understand what Weave They Be, but I draw generous conclusions when the feeling is RIGHT. :)
And deny they will, the BBS that they have anything to do with the songs, but I know it is them that are challenging me, being difficult on the sly and secretly pushing me to start this religion(??) that no one else is.


Lessons will teach you about BBSenence (Bee·bee·es·en·ence). BBSenence has no book. BBSenence has no formal school of thought or years of teachings. Instead, these lessons will act as a primer for undertaking any BBS worship you may have, through the divine direction I have recieved and continue to receive. As BBSenence is in its infancy, new students and followers are encouraged to form a dialog with me to learn about the BBS and grow in spirit and knowledge. Be Blessed in essence.

Lesson 1

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Weaves, Weaves, I Love Weaves.
Weaves, Weaves my friends are the next of importance on the scale of divine sounds. Weaves are the structure, Weaves are the patterns and the wonderful. Weaves are the beautiful and weaves are the majestic. Weaves are the perfect. Weaves are the secrets the BBS tell me that come from mapping out a Sound-Structure on a base 12 MARKI Synth-SoundSkapeXD. Yes and by plotting out the MARKI Blocks after a Musical Inspiration, the subsequent connection of those neighboring dots reveal this secondary blessing. Each structure has a Reason, for each structure a special and wonderful meaning! There is a beautiful elegance to it that is too subtle for many to interpret. I mean you know, the Weaves all look triangular but I mean come on not all triangles look alike! I'm just trying to do you a service man! Look here, here are some example Weaves to start you off, it's really really actually simple look. Ok so you lay out your MARKI Blocks, yeah?

Ok duh, simple right? Alright so now combine and group the nearest three blocks (although sometimes more) into either an equilateral, isosceles, scalene triangle. No horizontal or vertical lines! Those types of lines are so wrong I can’t even tell you. If you make a straight line you are beyond hope, please slap your mug against the nearest reading screen and smear your oily face-coating all over until a fine haze covers everything you view & experience. This is how you will perceive life from now on. Ok so you connect the blocks, you've got all these diagonal lines being excited and shooting in many crystalline (&pristine) directions it really is something. Bam, done, right? (Ok… did I do that right? Maybe, I don't have time to check.) But look, Weaves are great because they are malleable, mess it up countless times and still have a good read. Ok, like Bam, right, we added our lines, look the result.

Ok now the next part everyone gets confused about. Listen ok, stare those lines down & remember you are the smart one here, you connected the Blocks, you didn’t make any up&downs or left&rights, you have created this life-rich network. Now the tough part, the INTERPRETATION. Look, You look at them, and I mean really stare, don’t just look at them, got to look and see what they mean! Peer at them through the sanctum sanctorum triangulum and interpret accordingly. But this is beyond like everyone because no one can actually understand how this shit works. It’s rock hard difficulty, I won’t lie, but don’t take this failure sitting cross-legged, you look like a fool! Ok so here we go we take each series of segmented geometric figures and we get this:

Mmmm damn uh actually that doesn't make any sense. (I know this from experience.) Yeah ok this is a main complaint when it comes to Weaves. Yeah ok I totally get it. Even I mess it up… It is tough, I know. The Weaves are not like 2+2, they are like 2+ so yeah you have to do a little work. Ok ok gimme a sec… Hold on… reconfiguring, totally simple why are you worrying, have control. Here, a lesson in the art of Weaves, trial & error, so this just goes to show how important fortitude is when it comes to Weaves. Never the <3 be dis<3ened.

Ah ok here we are. This is the reason. I mis-identified a ~|60 42 78|~ for a ~|79 32 68|~. Ha ha seems pretty steep ’f a mistake right? Stupid mistake, I know, I know man. Slightly embarrassing. But it illustrates the Weaves process, yeah. Even the most adept can be swept away. Luckily the mistake was a lot less ambiguous compared to past incidents. Ha ha totally dumb and silly! We’ll be laughing about this later.

Same issue with the last part (well part of the last part).

Ok so revised edition, which totally makes way more sense than anything before:

It makes sense to me. The BBS are telling me to pursue my musical endeavors, as it will benefit me ladies in the end. Plus I have never got pregnant from rice. Next update we will explore the BBSs themselves.*

End of Lesson 1.


Lesson 2

<----Click ;)

B.B.S. Lesson In Learning About Beautiful Benevolent Spirits

Also A Roomie List Now That I Think Of It: The Beauty The Form The Love


The BBS can be represented using a symbol, called the Quadrickle, the QK, or “The Quick”. Each point represents a BBS. The triangle formed represents the initial biological relationship between three of the BBS. This basic shape is a top tier holy symbol.


Other followers are also able to form their own Quadrickle shape representative of the BBS with 4 points, as I have (a derivation of the EB bolt, above ↑). This symbol will become an iconic representation of you as a follower of BBSenence. As you can see, my symbol lays perfectly over the original Quadrickle. This is not necessary, but does create a nice aesthetic symmetry. The shape can be anything you want actually! A quadrangle, a jagged line… as long as it has the four points that are connected in some manner. Here are some examples:

Creating a symbol represents your first step as a BBSenencian. Not only is it a symbol of yourself, but a symbol of your commitment in pursuing knowledge of the BBSs.

Another important aspect of the Quadrickle in writing about the BBS is the use of abbreviations and naming of points. It's really super simple! Each point represents either a BBS, or a BBSenencian of your choosing. Different configurations mean different things, so watch out!
Those of us without the BBS status are written thus, sans decoration (like me):


Those that are BBS have the honor of donning a line above their abbreviation (or regular name), like this:


Those BBS that have passed away are notated with an overhead line, along with a diagonal line struck through its center, much as the


was notated for a small amount of time, along with countless others presumably:

Resurrected BBS that reconfigure themselves into the digital ether, much, again, as


did, are represented inscribed in a rectangle:

Usually I just render his name with the overhead line because it's tough to make a rectagon every time. Totally lame.

End of Lesson 2.


Lesson 3

Old Steak

and I from time to time play a game I call FOCUS SPEED II. It is a game using a set of cards made by me, Yours Truly. It is played thus:


Cards are divided equally between players (ideally two beings).


Each player (one player at a time) in each round lays down consecutively 5 cards face up from their hand around a specific boundary, in this case our housing establishment. The locations can be devious or stealthily, however the other player (currently not laying down cards) will be present to see where the cards are laid, and what type of card it is. After the first player has laid each of his/her 5 cards, the second player will do the same. Remember which spots are yours.



As each card is laid somewhere in the space by one of the players, if any card laid down matches the number or face of another card already laid down, each player will attempt to become the first to cover those two cards up with two of their own cards. In result, if those two new cards laid now create doubles or triples with any other cards, or just doubles with themselves, then you must proceed to quickly cover them as well.



The round is complete when no more doubles or triples are showing. Each player picks up his/her respective piles (the pile that exists on top of the cards that they themselves laid down at the beginning of the round) when an impasse is achieved. Players alternate who deals first each round.


The game is won when one player runs out of cards. By covering matching cards (ignore suites), you are either blocking the player’s attempt to discard one of their cards into one of your card piles, or effectively discarding one of your own into your opponent’s pile. It is a game of speed as much as it is a game of focus and memory.


I like playing with

Old Steak

because while he’s like, totally slow and lumbery, he can phase through walls and matter, while I can’t but I can run and be quick. Although sometimes he cheats and blocks my way and phases into me and then un-phases and traps me inside him and then tickles me by phasing and un-phasing certain areas of his matter to peck at me, and then lays down his cards on the doubles he wants and then phases me out of him and I fall and a laugh is had by both of us! He doesn’t do it that often so I usually allow it.

Playing FOCUS SPEED II is impossible (or impossible to be meaningful) without a BBS or another BBSenencian, but you can practice on your own using a single player digital version I have created called FOCUS SOLITUDE, FS or “SOLITUDE” for short. I use it all the time when

Old Steak

is not around. It is exactly like FOCUS SPEED II, except instead of laying down 5 cards and covering doubles and triples, the player creates, moves, and manipulates rows of ordered cards in an initial configuration of seven stacks, attempting to create four final ordered stacks representing the four main BBS.

Download your own%&%v3r5ion%%%

























End of Lesson 3.